A day for creatives

This past Saturday, a few fellow photographers and I got together to soak up the rare sunshine on a slightly warm January afternoon. We absorbed each other’s energy, snapping shots of one another and getting some great behind the scenes shots. We laughed, we played and we created with fellow up & comings… and it was sincerely a breath of fresh air.

trying to “be someone” in such a competitive industry is so intimidating. Over this past month, I have really started investing in myself by joining this “mastermind movement;” if you will. Back in November I committed to a One on One with Mrs. Elizabeth Henson. Ever since then, it’s like another spark has been lit within me. I want this more than ever now, and after trying to do it myself and staying in my own lane for so long- it was time to branch out and learn from others, just like me!

Who knew there were other people out there that legitimately feel the exact same way as me about starting this career? From branding (or re-branding) everything to building websites, establishing goals & workflows all the while having time to actually LIVE… and WORK… it’s an even bigger commitment, but I am LOVING where I am at.

Being surrounded by so much love and creative energy gives me the drive that I need to continue on towards my goals. I am so excited to be working with such a strong group of women who are MORE than photographers and videographers- they are moms, and teachers and step moms and wives and girlfriends and they are finding their journey… just like me! I am so humbled to be among this inspiring wolf pack!

I am so very excited to share this journey and to look back on this post and smile. What an amazing experience this has been so far, and I can only imagine where this will all take us. 2018-01-22_0002Wolfpack (1 of 1)

Author: kristinwatkinsphotos

Hello! I am Kristin and I am a portrait photographer in Virginia Beach, VA! I love capturing couples, growing families and happy moments in natural light. Creating memories to cherish for a lifetime is what I feel called to do.

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