Baby B

Oh my goodness you guys! How adorable is this sweet family?

Bridget and Brent are getting ready to welcome baby boy number 4! Each big brother is so very excited and are really looking forward to holding their new brother within the next few weeks.

I had the pleasure of working with this sweet family back in November, when shooting my Christmas minis. I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to work with them again, as this was a completely last minute thing that just so happened to work out perfectly!

What a beautiful family, each member starting with the letter B- which I can totally relate to, as my family entire family’s initials were KV. I love simple traditions like those. It makes things personal and bonded. I just can’t help it…

Anyway, here are these beautiful people and their sweet boys loving on their momma!



Author: kristinwatkinsphotos

Hello! I am Kristin and I am a portrait photographer in Virginia Beach, VA! I love capturing couples, growing families and happy moments in natural light. Creating memories to cherish for a lifetime is what I feel called to do.

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