Cake & Confetti


We started out a little timid and unsure, but by the end we were ALL covered in cake and confetti…

Kaitlin (Piper’s mommy) wanted something similar to what big sister had… I warned her that we will more than likely shoot all of this in my garage..but “it would be great!” We exchanged several texts and screenshots to make the vision come alive, and the day of the shoot, we both combined forces to create this cake smash happen.

I used a rolling clothing rack to hold up the backdrop. I had ordered this gold backdrop from Amazon… and as much as I LOVE it, I now know I need to put something behind it to make it thicker and less see through. I safety pinned the hanging props onto the backdrop so that they would be the perfect height for a one-year-old. I used a disposable paper table cloth for the flooring (and confetti collector) and mom and dad provided the gold & pink balloons along with the cake, made with love by Piper’s sweet grandma!

I truly believe most things can be held together with a little bit of duct tape and safety pins… and that’s pretty much how this show went on!

Piper was nervous and overwhelmed all at the same time! I turned on some music to get the party started before they placed the cake in front of her. All she wanted to do was explore my garage full of 30 years worth of memories, my husbands beer brewing stash and my classroom stock pile. Then.. she found the jackpot of confetti and all bets were off. She was happy to follow that bag of shiny stuff anywhere, and I was so thankful because I was limited with framing….(remember the clothing rack)?

We ended up having a ton of fun, laughing at all of her facial expressions, especially her reaction to her cake, and we made a mess! I couldn’t have done it without her mom & dad there! They were both so patient and helpful in working with me through this whole process!


This shoot will forever be one of my favorites because I got to work so closely with mom, dad and baby! It was so fun planning everything out, making a vision come alive and most of all, spending time with them! I still can’t believe these were taken in my garage!!!

Now to invest in a few more items, like a heater and a backing for my backdrop to start a new studio space… JUST KIDDING! (maybe????) Happy first birthday, sweet Piper!




December Highlights

Is it ever really too late to share your highlights from last month? I didn’t think so! I am not much of a blogger, but one of my 2018 business goals is to put up a least one blog post a month, reflecting on all the opportunities and beautiful memories from last month. I hope to be better about sharing my clients stories and showcasing their beautiful families. I am so lucky to have such loyal people in my life that keep coming back year after year and keep referring me to their friends. It is such a compliment to be able to do what I do, to be responsible for freezing such pivotal moments in time, all the while celebrating with everyone along the way.


These are almost all of my beautiful December 2017 sessions. Man oh man, December was a busy month and my heart is overflowing with pride. I LOVE when people contact me to take photos of their families when they are all able to be together. Photos were such a huge part of my childhood and I am so lucky to have all the memories I have because of the many rolls and rolls of film our family plowed through.


I can’t thank each person enough for making me love my job as a portrait photographer more and more! 2018-01-07_0001